This policy applies to social networks where REVIO PHARMACEUTICAL CONSULTANTS SL has created its own profile (henceforth – social network).

In our social network you will be able to comment, share experiences, make suggestions or comments, with the only limit of respecting the rights of the rest of the people who want to participate. Therefore, it is not allowed and we reserve the right to eliminate comments or any content posted that may be offensive, contrary to the laws or policies of the social network and those publications that have advertising or commercial content in order not to harm to the rest of users. We remind you that if you commit illicit or fraudulent use of this page, your actions have consequences and responsibilities. We reserve the right to block the user and, in the cases that we consider and technically possible, to exercise the legal actions that may correspond.

We remind you that to publish data, information or any content that affects the rights of third parties you must have obtained the unequivocal consent of the same.

REVIO PHARMACEUTICAL CONSULTANTS SL does not assume responsibility for the consequences that the voluntary, consensual and deliberate exhibition by the user of his photographs or images and those of his family environment may involve himself, his family, friends and / or relatives, or others third parties, or of the diffusion or exhibition of the same by their part or by third parties, or their reproduction being the person who publishes the information the only responsible for the consequences of their own acts. REVIO PHARMACEUTICAL CONSULTANTS SL will not assume any type of claim derived from the violation or infringement of the possible rights as a consequence of the publications of the texts or materials that a user has voluntarily incorporated into our pages.

The only data that we will keep in our files, as responsible for the file, will be the communications made by the social network to our email, as a consequence of the participation of different types of users on the social network page.

If another type of information is included in our own systems, the User (“friend” or “follower”) will be duly informed in order to obtain consent for the processing of data outside the social network.


October 2022